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About the Survey

The study was conducted by Totumai, a provider of AI tools for financial advisors, in partnership with 8 Acre Perspective, an industry leader in financial advisor research. One hundred financial advisors were surveyed in December 2023 across the Wirehouse, National/Regional Full-Service, IBD and RIA channels. Survey respondents have an average practice AUM of $293M.


Importance of Personalization to Advisor Practices

Very Important


Somewhat Important


Not Important


What’s inside?


The challenge, of course, is how to deliver personalized experiences at scale.


Of FAs say it is challenging to spend as much time with each client as they would like.

About 8 Acre Perspective

8 Acre Perspective is a recognized leader in financial services thought leadership research whose work is leveraged by leading financial institutions in a variety of ways, including wide-ranging media coverage, whitepapers, sales & marketing materials, and more.

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About Totumai

Totumai is a technology platform that leverages artificial intelligence to improve communication between financial advisors and their clients. With this tool, advisors are able to scale their personalization in a way that deepens existing relationships while fostering new ones.
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